Don’t Forget Perform regular aircon maintenance or Professionally

It is common knowledge that you have to service your care regularly if it is going to run efficiently and last for a long time. The same is true with the aircon maintenance of the home, if it is well maintained it will last longer and provide us with good service. The truth is that when air con services are deferred it is more likely that you will have an expensive repair in the making.

When talking about an aircon maintenance, the conversation typically concerns anything related to conditioning the air of the home. That could be a standard aircon maintenance or a heat pump. Each form requires regular air con service if they are going to live up to their potential, and service and tune-up should be done on an annual basis.

It is true that an aircon maintenance is a tough home appliance. They are engineered to hold up to all kinds of abuse but keep running for years. This can be a two edged sword. For one thing there is little reason to pay attention to the aircon maintenance of the home, but that can lead to complacency when it comes to maintaining it properly. Just like our cars, our aircon conditioner should receive regular maintenance if they are going to run at peak performance.

An aircon maintenance can lose up to 5 percent of its original efficiency every year if regular tune-ups are not performed. What that can mean to the home owner is that if they purchased a 12 SEER unit and did nothing to it to keep it well maintained, it would soon begin to function as if it were a 9 SEER unit.

While that may be true, it is good to know that you can turn that back around and recover the lost efficiency if you just implement a regular maintenance program. Some studies have shown that when a regular maintenance routine is kept up, aircon maintain as much as 95 percent of their original efficiency.

What that means to the home owner is that they will be able to recover the cost of tune-ups quickly by the savings they will see on their monthly utility bills as well as the reduction of cost to repair a broken aircon maintenance. A well running aircon maintenance will also be better at dehumidifying the home.

Most aircon maintenance contractors offer maintenance agreements that reduce the price of regular maintenance even further. When you take advantage of annual service programs, you don’t even have to remember when it is time for your regular maintenance. The contractor will remind you that it is time which will insure that you don’t forget.When you maintain your aircon properly you can look forward to many comfortable years in terms of indoor air quality as well as more padding in your wallet.